No she did not!

I had a bad day.  Really bad.  Just one of those frustrating days during which you keep thinking that nothing else will be absurd…but it is.  A day full of red tape, laziness on the part of others, tears, sadness, meanness, and just plain old craziness!

While this was going on, my mom was having surgery.  Outpatient surgery on her hand with no general anesthesia, but still, I felt guilty that I had not taken the day off.  I didn’t take the day off because I sort of (possibly) forgot to.  Let the guilt ensue.  I am the nurse.  It is my self ordained job to be present and accountable for all family medical procedures.  My family has not asked for this, nor do they likely care that I do this, but I have decided it must be done.  So. There.   But, as it was, I had to leave my mother’s hand surgery to an actual hand surgeon…go figure…an anesthesiologist…even better…and my dad.  Now, my dad is brilliant.  He can look at your home and tell you all sorts of things that you can do from a construction perspective.  He knows more Bible verses than Moses.  He can bring dead flowers from the Lowe’s clearance rack back to life.  He can fish, hunt, and fix anything.  I have seen him do all these things.  But he is not medical.  That is not to say that he doesn’t know what is going on…but if something isn’t up to par, I don’t know that he would know just how far to go in the complaint department.  I know.  I am THAT nurse daughter.

So all during the day, I got texts from him with updates, including the text saying they were going home.  All was well.  Mom is dragging her nerve blocked arm around like a sack of potatoes, but she is OK.  That last part is not true.  Her arm was bandaged and in a sling.

I finished my day.  Later than I planned.  Grumpier than I wanted to be.  I hopped in the car ready to  brave I-85 at 5:45pm.  This is tantamount to bungee jumping, climbing Mount Everest, downhill slalom skiing.  You better be on your A game and you better be paying attention.  That being said, I decided that I could divide my attention between bumper to bumper traffic at 80 mph and a phone call to my sister.


To myself: “does she EVER answer her phone?”….”what if I REALLY needed her”….”is nothing going to go right today?”….”how DARE she live her life with no consideration that I MIGHT call her randomly!!!”….Geez.

“Hello Aunt Jennifer!!”.  The phone is answered by my niece.  Now my  niece has some developmental delays but LOVES to watch YouTube videos on my sister’s phone.  I know immediately that I have interrupted a video.  I also know that she is one of a tiny group of humans who will make me smile no matter how bad my day has been.

“Hi Bug! What are you doing?”  this is followed by random muttering….maybe it is none of my business.  OK then.  “Will you take the phone to your mommy?”

“OK Aunt Jennifer!”….silence….”Here Mommy, its Aunt Jennifer!”….This is said with a LOT of drama.  I am immediately thrilled that she did what I asked.  She understood what I needed…..but then… suspicious.  I am suspicious because I can faintly hear my sister talking/laughing with someone but this is quite far away.  I realize that this is all a farce.  This tiny human has  FAKED giving the phone to her mother.  I am astounded and proud.  I ask again: “Take the phone to Mom, OK?”

“OK Aunt Jennifer!”…silence….”Here Mommy, it’s Aunt Jennifer!”……crickets…..faint conversation clearly across the house…nowhere near my niece.  “OK, Aunt Jennifer, talk to you later…bye”….CLICK.  SHE HUNG UP ON ME.

Nearing the end of a ridiculously awful day, my only niece, my favorite niece, the tiny human who has had my heart for 14 years…hung up on me.

And I laughed all the way to my parents.


3 thoughts on “No she did not!

  1. Oh, she can make you smile. What else would you expect from a teenager but to fake her aunt out! Also, take a deep breath as your mom is a survivor of so much more than a hand procedure. Even though I am sure your Dad did not have much more then mine , “read the papers”. I so understand the worry and stress we put on ourselves when our loved ones are being under the care of others. We both are the control freak daughter who want the best care ever and know every minute detail. However, in the end they love us anyway even if we light up theirs world but drive ourself crazy.

    Girl the brave part was I 85 at that time of day…. feel all your frustration and a warm hug and prayers for you all- Laurie

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