The Biltmore House


Before you start, this isn’t really about the Biltmore House.  I’ve been to the Biltmore House.  I think it is gorgeous….but I’m not exactly writing about it.

I’m also not sure how funny this will be.  I’ll try.  I really didn’t want to write this, but since it has been on my mind for the past 3 days, I decided to just do it.   I haven’t written in a long time, because I haven’t felt funny.  Now I feel like I should write this, but I don’t want to get all preachy.  (I try to avoid ANY preachy people like the plague)….this made it difficult for me growing up since I lived with a Baptist minister….who is probably reading this blog just like you are and shaking his head and hopefully laughing. I also lived with the preacher’s wife (my mom) and the preacher’s daughter (the good one…my sister)…you can guess which preacher’s daughter I was…or if you know me at all, you don’t really have to guess.

That’s the thing though.  Sometimes when I try to avoid things…it bites me in the behind.  Like always.  I could write an entire book on me being too lazy or stubborn to do something which resulted in pain.  Multiple excruciating sunburns come to mind.  Hello SPF…anyway.   I am one stubborn piece of work.  Just ask anyone.  Especially the aforementioned Baptist minister who is now retired from that line of work so don’t ask him to come preach at your church.  He is a general contractor, so you can ask him to fix your house.  Which leads me to my point!

I grew up with Jesus and sawdust.  My dad’s dad was in construction.  My dad’s grandfather was a rock mason.  I have 2 uncles are in construction.  One uncle was a heavy equipment operator, plumber, rescuer of plants and shrubs.  Yes my dad was a minister, but has had his General Contractor’s license for almost as long as I can remember.  I grew up getting dirty….and LOVING to look at blueprints.


I wasn’t really allowed to get all up in the blueprints…probably because my dad needed them to do a job and he didn’t want me messing them up…but I.LOVED.THEM.  The big slick paper.  The blue ink.  They have a certain smell sometimes.  You shake them out of that tube and you can look at what is coming….an entire project at your fingertips!  You can picture an entire house, just by looking at the paper.  I bet the blueprints for the Biltmore House were freaking AMAZING!!! I also bet they took up more than one tube!

It occurred to me the other day, that my life has had a set of blueprints. (JUST THE OTHER DAY… not for the past 41 years that I have sat in church being TOLD that my life has had a set of blueprints, no, not me…no need to listen to that…nah)  There is an architect/contractor who has had this set.  There is only one set and He is not making a copy of it for my convenience.  I don’t get to see the blueprints.  That has been the catch.  I WANT to see them….and if I can’t see them, I’ll just do my own plan made up in my head.  The architect/contractor would rather I not mess them up, but he is a generous kind of architect/contractor who will let me change things even if they don’t make sense.  This has resulted in my life turning out sort of like a Dr. Seuss house.  I mean….like seriously.  My life has a bathroom coming off the roof.  Stairs leading to nowhere.  Doors that don’t open.  Bedrooms that are too small.  A kitchen without a sink.  All because I thought I was a better builder than he was.  The garage is 3 doors down.  The paint….dear LORD.  Lets just say that Lisa would have a FIT.  No Sea Salt, no Greige.  My house is OUT.OF.HAND.


And He let me do it.

And I was wrong.

I do not like to admit that I am wrong.  I hate it.  I try not to do it too often, which has resulted in a perfectionist living in a house with a bathroom hanging off her roof.  Go figure.

I could’ve had the BILTMORE HOUSE!! 

So now I am in the middle of the greatest remodeling project I will ever be a part of…and I have participated in a few epic ones.  Walls have to come out.  That bathroom hanging off my roof is going to have to go.  Everything needs to be completely rewired, new ductwork.  The paint, oh the paint.  I suspect it is going to have a hefty price tag, and I am going to have to pay it.  When I say pay it, I mean pay it in my pride.  The heftiest price tag of all was paid on a Cross.

I could’ve had the BILTMORE HOUSE!!

I am hopeful at this point to just have a modest 3 bedroom ranch with a nice tiled shower and granite countertops.  But who knows.  I can’t see the blueprints and I never will.


With the help of God….my architect/contractor…that will be just fine.

For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord.  For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.  Isaiah 55: 8-9




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