I am going to step on a few toes here, but we have to talk.  It’s about this thing that is all the rage on Pinterest, and apparently every social media outlet on the planet.  It is called Bullet Journaling.  If you are super cool, you just call it BuJo.  If you are super cool you are doing it.  If you are not doing it…well lets just say, you are probably accomplishing nothing in your life.  Nothing.  Nada. Zip. Zero. Zilch.

I am not doing it…and it is killing me.  I tried to do it last year.  I scribbled some things on some papers…that was about it.  It didn’t work.  I don’t know what it was supposed to do to me, but it didn’t happen.  Yet here we are again.  Another year has gone by.  I have documented not one single solitary goal with flowery script, doodles, or colors.  I.am.a.loser.


But ya’ll.  Seriously.  Have you SEEN that stuff on Pinterest.  You have to have a Master’s Degree  in Graphic Arts from the Savannah College of Art and Design to make your BuJo look like Pinterest.  Not Joking.  I am scrambling to get out of bed in time to brush my teeth before I need to be at work.  WHO IS DOING THIS BUJO STUFF.  I’ll tell you who!  My sister is.  And that stings.

My sister is married, the mother of 3 under the age of 14, a published author (times 3 books), she blogs, she home schools 2 of the 3 kids.  She Cross-fits, and prays a lot too (probably for me).  She has time for this…and I don’t? What is wrong with me.  I work.  That is about it.  I get up, go to work, come home.  I am married, have 3 dogs.  Again, not much going on here.  I worry a good bit…but I am not sure if we should write that stuff down.  But I can’t do it.  Now my sister and I are like BFFs.  I don’t think we are too competitive.  We have led different lives since we were…10 and 12…and it works for us.  I love her, she loves me.  We are both pretty sure our parents love us equally! (right Ken and Susie, right?)  But then we get back to this stinking Bullet Journal business and she can do it and I can’t? Seriously?  I am frankly more artistic than she is.  I even won a coloring contest once in elementary school.   However, the truth is apparent.  She wins this one.

It is so intimidating.  The art.  The colors.  The design.  I can not come to a resolution as to how people have time to actually design the Bullet Journal and then DO the things in the dang thing.  It seems as if by the time you draw all the flowers and graphs and charts…it will be time for bed.  So maybe I could track what time I go to sleep each night…that would be worthwhile.  And on the topic of content…

Content.  If you Pinterest “BuJo”…please don’t abbreviate this further, you will find lists upon lists of things to put in your very own Bullet Journal.  Perhaps your weight, your finances, your day planner, your wishes, your dreams, your hair washing.  EXCUSE ME.  I seriously saw this.  Someone recommended that tracking HAIR WASHING was a worthwhile thing to BuJo.  And this people is where the I don’t just fall off the BuJo train, I jump off screaming “Are you kidding me? HAIR WASHING?” If you need to track on paper that you have dirty hair and need to wash it, we need to have a chat.  I can get behind the finances, the prayer, the goals…even your meal planning (which might be the most worthwhile thing to actually journal)…but the HAIR WASHING?  Oh and I’m sure that you will need to draw a multicolored graphic too, no simple check mark to indicate the presence of HAIR WASHING will suffice.

Here is another topic: Boredom Buster Ideas.  Hmmm.  Who is bored with all of this coloring, drawing, plotting, graphing, journaling ? I don’t see how this could possibly be necessary.  Maybe a better topic would be: Doctors Who Do Carpal Tunnel Repair. There is one for you!  ‘Cause you are gonna need it.  Seriously people.

Also, your BuJo will need a legend.  Yeah.  If I DON”T KNOW WHAT IS IN MY OWN JOURNAL….I can’t.  Just can’t.

Did I mention the tools.  You will need special tools for this little project and they will include the actual journal, pens, pencils, markers, templates, perhaps a protractor, a CAD program (maybe not), sticky notes, washi tape (because you need to TAPE your ideas down…that way they won’t run away from you), stickers, and a ruler.  If the bullet journal thing doesn’t work out, you could open your own office supply store by February 1, 2018.


Lets talk about the Mood Tracker page.  Now this I can get behind.  Seems reasonable.  None of us are as aware of our own mental health as we should be, so lets track that.  There is the “I want to stab someones eyeball out” option…or the “I am never getting out of bed again” mood.  You have to color code your mood too.  This is super important.  You don’t want to come up on the 30th of the month and only have check marks on this one.  Total BuJo fail.  Maybe we can track our mood after we see that our mood for an entire month was exhausted and wondering  why we have been placed on this earth.  Lets track THAT.

grumpy caat

So what am I to do?  I read that Bullet Journalers are actually more productive.  I read that BuJo can be GOOD for one’s mental health.  I MUST be more productive.  I definitively need to up my mental health game.  Oh, and did I mention that perhaps tracking how much money I spend on LuLaRoe could net me a Caribbean Vacation in the future.  I have to figure this out.

Maybe I don’t like the BuJo because I am inherently lazy.  Moving right along.

Well, here is the thing.  Goals are important.  I think that the older I get the easier it is to just live life and wake up every December 31st wondering what in the sam hill I have been doing all year.  I need some goals.  I need to write them down.  Maybe I’ll try this BuJo thing again this year.  Maybe I will keep up with my money.  My exercise.  My dreams, hopes, and aspirations.  Maybe, just maybe, I will add a flower or an arrow at the bottom of the page.  Maybe I will not worry that my BuJo is not Pinterest worthy.  Maybe I won’t even call it a BuJo.  I will call it a JeJo….and it will be fabulous….like me…and next December 2018, I will be able to look back…and prove it.


P.S.  If you want more information on my Bullet Journal-ing, amazing author sister, go to LynnHBlackburn.com.  Her published books are listed as are lots of other cool stuff. You can also contact her if you need help with your Bullet Journal!




4 thoughts on “BuJo…huh?

  1. I happen to be the recepiant of some great art work on my cards over the years. There is a box that contains many of them. I have proof that you can communicate with sketches. Equal loving dad

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You are way ahead of me. I didn’t even know what Bullet Journaling was until I saw Lynn’s post. The only Journaling that works for me is a grocery list, and that often fails!
    Your equally loving Mom


  3. I tried just regular journaling…. ummm, i make goals usually in Feb for the year. Then am surprised when I look at it I actually achieve a few (very few). I do not know why, but I try to write ten a year. Then I have a journal I started in grad school….and lets just say, it is still lots of empty pages. Since I am going on eleven years after graduation, what does that say? So Bullett Jornal, I have seen and I confess, I too am lazy. So hum….. do our brains work different?


  4. I bought a set of colored pencils 2 Christmases ago. I sharpened every one and that’s as far as I got. But I sure like looking at those pretty colored pencils on my desk. They make me feel creative even if I’ve never done a thing with them. This really made me laugh—and feel for you! And not like your sister nearly as much as I used to! 😉


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